noun | bud·get | the amount of money that is available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose

The budget outlines our country’s priorities. We need to remember that our priorities are the citizens, the average Americans that make up the backbone of this nation. These hard-working families deserve priority status. In Congress, Pam Genant will work hard to advocate for district 10 and ensure the federal budget represents our values and needs.

↳ A recent study found that the wealthiest 400 families in America paid an average income tax of just 8.2%
↳ Medicaid expansion in North Carolina would bring in at least $1.5 billion in additional federal funding, while covering hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians.
↳ In June, Patrick McHenry voted against a $7 billion extension of free meals for students in public schools. 90% of students in the 10th district would be eligible.


The 400 wealthiest people In America are worth more than 36 million typical American families combined. The mega-corporations in the US saw record profits during a pandemic, while American families were suffering. They pay little to no taxes, leaving the burden of funding the U.S. budget squarely on the shoulders of the poor and middle-class. Last year, 50 corporations on the Fortune 500 list paid no taxes. Pam Genant believes our national budget needs to:

└ Demand that billionaires pay the same if not more taxes than policemen, firefighters, nurses, and teachers.
└ Reform tax codes to ensure corporations pay what they owe and are unable to skirt the system.
└ Close loopholes exploited by the wealthy, including a minimum tax on unrealized capital gains.
└ No Increase in taxes for the poor and middle-class. Strengthening the middle class needs to be a priority.


A person’s healthcare should not be dependent on their wealth. Healthcare is a basic human right, and yet in this nation, 31 million Americans are without health Insurance. This means they either go without care, without the lifesaving medications they need, or they use the emergency room as their primary care provider. This not only increases the burden on the healthcare system but means inconsistent care and poor outcomes for these hard-working people.

In a country with such advanced healthcare technology, we also have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. And have the only increasing maternal death rate of any industrialized nation. Healthcare companies bring in hundreds of billions of dollars in profits while average Americans go without medications to pay bills. Mental health concerns continue to be given lip service while no real Investment is made toward solutions. As our voice in Washington, Pam Genant will:

└ Work toward a single payer healthcare system that would not only provide care for all Americans but, according to the CBO, would save this country $650 billion a year.
└ Make Improvements to the VA healthcare system to fulfil our obligations to our veterans.
└ Invest in real mental healthcare Including substance abuse and recovery services.
└ Ensure mental healthcare is truly part of overall healthcare services, by providing for meaningful access to mental healthcare.
└ Lower prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.
└ Expand pandemic preparedness.


The American family Is taking a back seat to mega-corporations and the wealthy. Struggling to make ends meet, find living wage jobs, and caring for their families, is a constant concern. Strengthening and investing in the middle class will not only stimulate the economy for today but build a strong base of revenue for the future. As our Congresswoman, Pam will…

└ Advocate for rural communities and make their voices heard in the halls of power.
└ Bring good paying, union jobs back to America.
└ Provide quality, affordable childcare so parents can return to the workforce.
└ Increase the minimum wage to a living wage.
└ Provide college debt relief so graduates are not saddled with insurmountable debt. This decreases college drop-out rates and increases future earning potential and future tax revenue.


Making people a priority in our nation doesn’t stop with civilians. We can’t maintain the fighting force needed unless we take care of our service members and military families. As a country, we have an obligation to take care of our veterans. As a veteran herself, Pam Genant understands this. In Congress, Pam will…

└ Support military pay and compensation that keeps pace with the current economy.
└ Invest in career training, education, and entrepreneurship programs for military spouses and separated service members.
└ Rebalance how we spend tax dollars on defense, improving the efficiency and competitiveness of our armed forces.
└ Conduct rigorous annual audits of the Pentagon to end waste and fraud of taxpayers’ money.
└ Invest in a more cost-effective, flexible, and resilient force with modern transportation and logistics capabilities that can operate in more contested environments.

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