Noun | di·plo·ma·cy | the management of relations between countries

The war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the climate crisis have shown us how our security and prosperity are linked to the rest of the world. Disastrous trade policies have hit North Carolina particularly hard, sending tens of thousands of good jobs overseas. Pam Genant understands that we’re safer and more prosperous when the United States engages with the world while defending our interests.

↳ North Carolina has lost 41% of its manufacturing jobs since 1994.
↳ Our state’s exports to the global market dropped by 17% in 2020 due to the global pandemic.
↳ A recent survey found that 68% of Americans want the United States to play an active role in the world.


On the global stage, our alliances, including NATO, serve to defend against common threats as well as protect our shared interests. The war in Ukraine has proven just how necessary the NATO alliance is. According to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, nine in ten Americans believe that maintaining our alliances is the most effective way to achieve our foreign policy goals. In Congress, Pam Genant will…

└ Work to strengthen alliances and identify common values as well as threats.
└ Encourage new global coalitions for challenges such as global health, climate change, and cybersecurity.
└ Keep an eye on future technologies and be proactive in understanding their potential uses and misuses.
└ Encourage and support our allies to carry their weight, so that the burden doesn’t fall solely on the shoulders of Americans.


Big multinational corporations have, for too long, been dictating trade agreements. Free trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) were passed on the promise that they would help workers across the continent. However, this has not happened. Good jobs have left western North Carolina so that corporations can make even more money. These multinational corporations exploit working people and lobby against labor and environmental protections. Pam Genant will…

└ Invest in a robust Trade Adjustment Assistance program that provides support for workers who have lost their jobs due to the impact of trade.
└ Withhold support to any new or updated trade agreements unless they protect American jobs and uphold rights for international worker.
└ Require trade agreements to include policies that minimize climate pollution.


War benefits nobody except defense contractors. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed, entire regions have been destabilized, and we are currently in the midst of an extreme global migration crisis. We must center foreign policy around human rights, justice, and peace. Limiting our global armed presence and investing in diplomacy and engagement will allow us to begin to repair the harm done. In Congress, Pam will…

└ Re-evaluate the federal budget to prioritize and invest in diplomacy, with a focus on human rights.
└ Identify which programs benefit American security in the 21st century and which programs merely line the pockets of defense contractors.
└ Push for Congress to play a more active role, restraining the ability of Presidents to wage war without consideration.
└ Support making foreign military aid contingent on strong human rights records.
└ Help position the United States as an honest broker in conflicts, leveraging our diplomatic power for peace.

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