noun | econ·o·my | system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought

Pam Genant knows firsthand that inflation and Covid-19 have impacted the daily lives and economic security of families here in western North Carolinians. Even before the pandemic, many of us were already struggling to just get by. Now, the rising cost of living is causing too many to struggle even more. Simply returning to “normal” is not good enough. We deserve an economic vision that serves the interests of average, hard-working people.

↳ While unemployment rates have dropped since the height of the pandemic, 173,000 North Carolinians remain unemployed.
↳ Average annual wages in the 10th Congressional district are $13,746 below the rest of the state average.
↳ On average, women who work in the 10th Congressional district earn about $10,000 less than men.

create better paying jobs

Pam Genant’s perspective on economic fairness and the dignity of work is rooted in her upbringing. Pam’s mom and dad shaped her understanding of hard work, the need for good paying jobs, and the importance of fair wages. But she recognizes that things have gotten harder and for many folks around here, the American dream has never felt more out of reach. In Congress, Pam will…

└ Protect the dignity of work, including honest wages, protected retirement, and fair overtime compensation.
└ Encourage technical and vocational training, and apprenticeships to meet the needs of an evolving economy.
└ Support pay equity across the board for all North Carolinians.
└ Advocate for a livable wage to ensure that working people can make a comfortable living.
└ Make the United States a leader in the clean energy economy. Bringing production of equipment and technology for the solar Industry and electric vehicles, the majority of which is currently produced in China, to the United States.

support small businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but they need more support. From Morganton to Lincolnton, Statesville to Shelby, small businesses are struggling between searching for employees to hire and finding the capital to pay them. As our Congresswoman, Pam Genant will…

└ Revoke tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs and support made-in-America incentives.
└ Help small business owners, especially entrepreneurs of color and women, obtain capital and support.
└ Support bringing good paying, union jobs back to the United States.
└ Provide for affordable, quality childcare, allowing parents to fully participate in the job market.
└ Ensure all areas of North Carolina have broad band internet access, increasing the reach and capacity of small business owners in rural areas.
└ Increase earning potential of future generations by Increasing financial assistance for undergraduate degrees, helping to reverse the trend of low-└ Income students dropping out of college.

ensure tax equity

The 400 wealthiest people In America are worth more than 36 million typical American families combined. The mega-corporations in the United States saw record profits during a pandemic, while American families were suffering. And 50 corporations on the Fortune 500 list paid no taxes last year. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed. In Congress, Pam Genant will…

└ Demand that billionaires pay the same if not more taxes than policemen, firefighters, nurses, and teachers.
└ Reform tax codes to ensure corporations pay what they owe and are unable to skirt the system.
└ Close loopholes exploited by the wealthy, Including a minimum tax on unrealized capital gains.
└ No Increase in taxes for the poor and middle-class. Strengthening the middle class needs to be a priority.

combat covid-19 impacts

For millions of North Carolinians and hundreds of millions more across America, it’s clear our leaders in Washington failed in their response to Covid-19 and its economic impacts. Properly responding to the pandemic is key to economic resilience. Pam Genant is committed to putting petty politics aside and standing up for families that have been treated as political pawns throughout this crisis. In Congress, Pam will…

└ Provide additional guidance for State, County, and Local governments still sitting on COVID relief money they are unsure how to utilize.
└ Continue to increase at home testing capabilities, allowing North Carolinians to quickly identify cases and stop spread.
└ Ensure that information about COVID spread, vaccination, booster availability, and testing is disseminated effectively and efficiently.

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