noun | ed·u·ca·tion | the imparting or acquiring of knowledge or skills

Pam Genant believes access to education is a basic human right. But career politicians in Washington don’t see it that way. Pam understands firsthand how education can lift families out of poverty. By giving every child access to quality schools, we can rebuild the ladder of opportunity and make sure everyone has a shot at the American Dream.

↳ More than 60% of North Carolinians who have graduated from college – public or private – have burdensome student loan debt.
↳ Our state ranks 43rd in the nation for per pupil annual spending.
↳ Nearly 180,000 students in North Carolina are homeschooled, including more than 12,000 here in the 10th Congressional District.


The American Dream starts with our preschool age children. Many kids come to school ill equipped to learn, lacking in social skills, language skills, and motivation. Investments in preschool have shown to increase a student’s chance of success in school and life. In Congress, Pam will…

└ Work to Increase Investment in Pre-K to Include all students ensuring the best start for every child.
└ Establish free nutrition programs for all students, starting at the Pre-K level, so every child starts the day ready to learn.


While Pam provided a home school education for her two children, she knows that more than 86% of students in our district are enrolled in public schools. So Pam knows investing in our K-12 education is critical. Schools in every county are struggling with structural issues, understaffing, and supply shortages. Meanwhile, our children continue to encounter bullying and discrimination at all grade levels. We can and we must do better. As our Congresswoman, Pam will…

└ Fight for investments in K-12 education to Improve schools and teacher pay in every zip code.
└ Implement mandatory training on identification and intervention for bullying and discrimination among and with students and staff.
└ Ensure teachers and schools all have the tools and supplies needed to educate our children for a brighter future.


While some students graduate High School knowing they have a college education ahead of them, many lack the financial backing to make that dream a reality. And In times of economic stress, a college education Is the first thing to be dropped. An investment in higher education up front will bring increased tax revenue on the back end, as a bachelor’s degree increases earning potential by as much as 70%. As a first-generation college graduate, Pam understands the struggles of paying for a college education and will work to…

└ Ensure a free two-year community college education for students.
└ Subsidize College and University tuition for high demand fields.
└ Increase the Pell Grant award to improve college and university retention for low Income students, as Pell Grants have not kept up with the rising cost of tuition.


Pam Genant also understands that college isn’t for everyone and that we should be providing more options for people to access living wage jobs for themselves and their families that don’t require college degrees. Many of these jobs are in high demand but areas lack the training to fill them. Professions like wind turbine technicians and solar panel installers are among the fastest growing the country. We need to provide the tools and training for the people of western North Carolina. Pam supports…

└ Creating more vocational training, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs to provide necessary skills.
└ Offering financial assistance for trade and vocational programs.
└ Partnering with businesses to ensure the training offered provides the skill set needed for the jobs required at the local level.

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