noun | en·er·gy | power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources

The future of energy should be made here in America. Currently, countries like China are positioning themselves to be the leader in renewable energy and dominate the global renewable energy field. The United States must be a leader in renewable energy, protecting our environment, combating the climate crisis, and setting our country up for true energy Independence.

↳ In North Carolina, 84% our energy comes from non-renewable energy sources.
↳ Only 7% of our state’s energy portfolio is from solar energy.
↳ North Carolina has already produced more than 25,000 jobs in clean energy in rural areas.


About 70% of the lines and large transformers in our country are more than 25 years old. Energy Infrastructure Is outdated and we do not have enough In areas where new energy resources are emerging. Combined with parts and production mainly sourced from China and we are lagging in the global renewable energy field. Pam Genant will work to…

└ Incentivize US domestic manufacturing of parts and assembly for the renewable energy field.
└ Prioritize upgrading the electric grid, making It more resilient and secure.
└ Increase recycling of solar batteries, reusing critical minerals needed for continued production while alleviating disposal Issues.
└ Offer tax credits for emerging technologies In the renewable energy field.


Adapting homes and businesses for solar energy Is costly and confusing. With mounds of paperwork and differing company standards, many consumers abandon the Idea. Pam Genant faced these same Issues when she and her husband made the decision to add solar energy to their home. With her experiences, Pam will…

└ Work toward Industry standards in tax and transmission policy.
└ Incentivize energy efficiency in homes, business, and public buildings.
└ Standardize permitting and state regulations, making It easier for consumers to adopt solar residential solutions.
└ Improve weatherization programs for low-Income residents.


With the country looking toward electric vehicles (EV) for relief from rising gas prices and concern for our environment, the cost for an EV is still out of reach for most hard-working Americans. Knowing many drivers would like to make the switch but can’t. In Congress, Pam Genant will…

└ Work for investments in EV charging stations in the workplace, as well as residences.
└ Provide additional tax credits for low Income consumers that commute to work.
└ Invest in upgrades to the mass transit system, reaching into rural areas.

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