noun | health·care | efforts to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being

The status quo is unacceptable. North Carolina deserves a representative who will deliver accessible and affordable health care for every citizen. This isn’t rocket science. If so many other countries can figure it out, then so can we.

↳ One in four patients report having difficulty affording the medications they need.
↳ North Carolina is one of only 12 states that have failed to expand Medicaid, denying more than 500,000 North Carolinians access to affordable and potentially life-saving care.
↳ 27 million people in the United States still do not have health insurance, including over 1,000,000 in North Carolina.
↳ 26 North Carolina counties don’t have a single OBGYN, and too many women are going without the prenatal and postnatal care they need.
↳ The United States is the only industrialized county to have an increasing maternal mortality rate.


Pam’s husband is a family physician and has cared for patients who must make the difficult decision to either pay for essential medication or food for the family. Absurd prescription drug prices are forced on Americans by large companies hoping to capitalize on a vulnerable market that needs their products. Instead of accepting donations from the pharmaceutical industry, Pam will hold them accountable and work to lower costs. In Congress, she will…

└ Shorten the patent life of prescription drugs.
└ Enforce antitrust laws with pharmaceutical companies.
└ Authorize the federal government to negotiate with drug companies to bring down prices.
└ Expand access to generic drugs that are more affordable
└ Crack down on companies monopolizing the pharmaceutical markets
└ Allow North Carolinians to buy safe and more affordable prescription drugs from Canada.
└ Fight for historic transparency of the negotiations made between drug manufacturers and medication importers to the U.S.
└ Empower trade advisory committees to influence the pricing of drugs.
Invest in rehabilitative treatment for those affected by drug addiction.


When attempting to gain healthcare coverage, many families are unable to do so. This is often the result of underemployment from things such as disability, need for childcare, transportation, housing etc. This leads many to live without it, seeking medical care exclusively from the emergency room often for advanced illness that could have been easily treated if caught early by a primary care physician. Millions going without basic check-ups and available preventive care, worried that one trip to the E.R. will leave them or their loved ones financially ruined. Health insurers are incentivized to refuse coverage to those unfairly perceived as liabilities, not human beings in need of affordable care. Pam Genant wants to eliminate these physical and monetary barriers for middle- and working-class families. As our congresswoman, she will…

└ Defend pre-existing conditions protections currently in place under the Affordable Care Act.
└ Protect, improve, and build upon the Affordable Care Act.
└ Support guaranteed coverage of preventive care services to every American, including preventative coverage such as yearly check-ups, dental, and eye care.


It’s unacceptable to even consider policies that would jeopardize access to health care that millions of senior and disabled citizens need and deserve.

└ Stand up to Washington politicians and oppose cuts to Medicare.
└ Support comprehensive coverage, including dental, vision, prescription drugs, and hearing aids.
└ Strengthen Medicare so that every citizen of the United States has guaranteed access to health care.


We face a shocking shortage of nurses and doctors across North Carolina, especially in our rural communities. We need to finally begin to break the link between health and wealth and ensure that great health care is available in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. In Congress, Pam Genant will…

└ Introduce legislation to expand the U.S. Public Health Service to recruit, train, and deploy nurses and doctors into underserved communities in North Carolina.
└ Fight to expand Medicaid in North Carolina.
└ Support a public health insurance option that increases reimbursement rates for rural hospitals.


You may be surprised to know that VA healthcare access negatively affects our veterans and their families. VA locations all over N.C. must determine how to care for a large concentration of veterans in their region. This creates long waiting lists of veterans seeking to utilize their benefits, sometimes for life essential care. Among them, being veterans who have been left with mental and psychological wounds while fighting for our freedom. These lifesaving treatments can make a huge difference in their return to full and productive civilian life. As our congresswoman, Pam Genant will…

└ Advocate for a reformed VA system here in North Carolina.
└ Support expansion of Medicaid to fully cover mental health related services and properly fund the related institutions.


The discourse around reproductive rights often couples the personal with the political. That is why Pam Genant stands firm in her belief that the government should not overstep its boundaries on a woman’s relationship with her doctor and the treatment that is needed. If elected, Pam would hold Congress accountable and draw attention toward issues we all can agree are pressing. Like the high infant mortality rate in the United States or the increasing maternal death rate. These are the issues on which we should be focusing our attention. In Congress, Pam will…

└ Expand the Public Health Service to train and encourage doctors to stay in North Carolina’s hardest-hit communities.
└ Ensure women cannot be charged more for their insurance just because of their gender.
└ Vote to boost women’s health programs and deliver federal dollars for clinics across North Carolina.
└ Fight to ensure that women have access to affordable, comprehensive health care services, like safe and legal abortion.
└ Ensure access to contraception at no cost.
└ Eliminate the Hyde Amendment which limits access to abortion services for millions of women enrolled in Medicaid and other federal programs.
└ Provide comprehensive, medically accurate sex education to our nation’s young people.

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