noun | jus·tice | the establishment or determination of rights according to rules of law or equity

Our criminal justice system should render justice and protect the public while upholding due process, civil rights and civil liberties, and equal protection under the law. However, the deck is stacked today against defendants who lack money, while those with wealth and connections often secure special treatment or outright impunity.

↳ The United States spends $182 billion annually incarcerating people.
↳ There is a one-in-three chance that a black individual will be imprisoned, compared to a one-in-seventeen for a white individual.
↳ The most recent data says more than 37,000 people are imprisoned in North Carolina.
↳ In 2019, more than 440 murders (73%) in North Carolina were by firearms.


It is unacceptable for any corporation to make money from incarcerating human beings. For-profit prisons reinforce a criminal justice system that seeks out reasons to incarcerate healthy, impoverished people. We must prioritize restorative justice models and fully fund these programs at the national level. In Congress, Pam Genant will…

└ Ban private prisons and end inhumane, punitive practices like solitary confinement.
└ Fund preventative and diversionary programs, specifically focusing on ending the school-to-prison pipeline.
└ Restore felon voting rights.
└ Ensure that those being released from incarceration are fully supported in their transition back to society.
└ Invest in mental healthcare for those incarcerated and for the recently-released.
└ Reform the bail system and end mass incarceration.
└ Ensure returning citizens can reenter society with access to adequate resources and support.


The War on Drugs has disproportionately impacted communities of color and impoverished people. The first step to repairing the harm caused in communities across the country is to end the War on Drugs, and invest intentionally in education, housing, healthcare, and employment. As our Congresswoman, Pam Genant will…

└ Legalize recreational cannabis nationwide, expunge the records and seek amnesty for those incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses.
└ End mandatory minimum sentencing laws for low-level offenses.
└ Invest in a public-health approach to the addiction crisis.
└ Demilitarize police departments and push for federal investigations into local departments who utilize practices like arrest quotas.


Current policing practices disproportionately impacts people of color and impoverished people, creating an adversarial relationship between police departments and these communities. Addressing current policing practices and pushing for overhaul of the system will help create police departments that work collaboratively and democratically with all the communities they serve, increasing transparency, accountability, fairness, and public safety. In Congress, Pam Genant will…

└ Use data to evaluate policing practices and root out biases, at the local and state level.
└ Review and revise training practices to include emphasis on interpersonal skills and identifying mental health situations.
└ Demilitarize police departments and push for federal investigations into local departments who utilize practices like arrest quotas.
└ Invest resources into the training of police officers, reimagining their role.


America has a gun violence crisis and it’s getting worse. Despite overwhelming public support for common sense gun safety measures, Republicans in Congress refuse to take any action to stop the devastating wave of gun violence. There’s no single solution that will end gun violence overnight, but by establishing smart gun safety measures we can keep guns out of the hands of people who could hurt themselves or others. As our Congresswoman, Pam Genant will…

└ Require background checks on gun sales from federally licensed dealers or manufacturers.
└ Pass legislation that requires firearm safety training for first time gun owners.
└ Close dangerous loopholes that allow some guns to be sold by private sellers, online dealers, and gun show vendors.
└ Stand up to gun manufactures and their lobbyists and enact legislation that puts public safety above corporate profits.

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